Drilling Simulation

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Simulator training, or “learning by doing”, is a proven method of enriching the learning experience and increasing knowledge retention.  Aberdeen Drilling School’s Team-Based Simulator training enhances a team’s practical understanding of changes during drilling. Our highly qualified facilitators and practical instructors encourage the participants to work as a team through group decision making, problem solving, and general team building.

By utilising one of our full size rig-floor simulators, we can fully immerse teams into the real drilling conditions they would experience offshore – enabling them to drill a well, react to changes as they happen, and take actions necessary to restore the well, all in a safe environment. The training employs real-time incident scenarios on the drilling simulator, followed up by class-based feedback discussions and reflection. This training can be further enhanced with the incorporation of the client’s actual well data which is used to create realistic well-specific scenarios. 

The client’s virtual well can be drilled from the safety of Aberdeen Drilling School’s full-size simulator room, ensuring that the participants’ new found knowledge is relevant to their upcoming operations and their learning can be applied to real life scenarios.

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At Aberdeen Drilling School we like to reward excellence by awarding our Well Control candidates who achieve full marks in the IWCF Principles & Procedures exam with a cash prize and the opportunity to take pride of place in the "ADS 100 Club"!