William Palfree

William is a Senior Drilling Supervisor. He started out as a mud logger and moved on to Well Testing. After moving back to mud logging briefly, he joined Santa Fe as a trainee engineer and he has been there ever since, (although after 2 takeovers the company is now known as ADTI Ltd).

William lives in Derbyshire on his miniature country estate complete with water mill, 11 acres, woodland and a trout river. He is married to Victoria and they have 3 children, 7 dogs, 5 ponies and 2 cats. “If I thought life offshore was mayhem, arriving home soon puts that into context! Most of my time is spent trying to control 3 children, 7 dogs, 5 ponies and the wife of course.” - Your words, William, not ours!

The £250 has already been spent on a cast iron chiminea for the garden. He and Victoria plan to have a quiet glass of wine sat next to it, (if the children and the dogs ever allow it). We think he’s earned it!


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