Wallace Smith

Wallace “Hat Trick” Smith is a Drilling Superintendent and in 2014 scored 100% in his P&P paper for the third time! He worked as a Drilling Supervisor for BP for most of his career, in various locations including Syria, Norway, Colombia and Angola. Wallace then joined Husky in China and worked as part of Exceed's Deepwater Project Management team as a Drilling Supervisor in Turkey and Indonesia, and as a Superintendent in Israel and Canada.

Wallace lives in Glasgow and has been married to Lorna for 15 years. They have 3 children, Rhona who is 9 and twins, Fraser and Lyndsey, who are 7.

With a keen passion for sport, Wallace particularly enjoys football and rugby, following Glasgow Rangers and Glasgow Warriors. He and his wife Lorna are also keen sailors. They used to own their own sailboat and spent a lot of time sailing in the Mediterranean, “until the kids came along and scuppered that!” They are hoping to get back into it now that the kids are old enough.

The £250 cash prize went towards a family trip to Dublin to watch Glasgow Warriors in the pro12 rugby final and we hope they had a great time. Congratulations again on your outstanding achievement, Wallace.


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