Tim Wrighton

Congratulations to Tim Wrighton and Dave Fisher of BP Baku who both achieved 100% in the IWCF Well Control “Principles & Procedures” exam paper at the end of a recent Well Control course run for BP in Baku by Aberdeen Drilling School.
The perfect “P&P” scores have earned Tim and Dave a £250 reward each (Aberdeen Drilling School offers a “Reward” incentive for what is regarded as the most difficult part of the IWCF testing). ADS “coughs up” on average only half-a-dozen times a year (from 500+ candidates), so to have two in one week was highly unusual – and a credit to the BP delegates’ knowledge and application.

Tim and Dave first met on Forties in the mid-90s where they were both offshore Drilling Engineers, then Operations Drilling Engineers in the office. In 1997 Tim moved to work on the West of Shetland fields and Dave to ETAP. Both are now in Baku.  
Tim - a Senior Drilling Engineer on the Shah Deniz HP gas field – has been married to Lynn (a Midwife) for 13 years. They have two children, son Ben and daughter Alix, and their dog (Jess) completes the family.

When asked how he would spend the £250 prize-money, Tim diplomatically advised that he would be “taking professional advice” from his wife!

Aberdeen Drilling School’s Well Control Instructor who taught the 5-day course, said he was “delighted” to hear of two £250 winners on the same course. ADS’s accountant was said to be “unavailable for comment”!


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