Suei Ru Wong

Suei is the second female to join the ADS 100 Club and is the very first woman to achieve the perfect 100% score in IWCF’s P&P paper at Aberdeen Drilling International (Malaysia)! She is a Drilling Engineer at Repsol Oil & Gas Malaysia Limited and has been with Repsol (previously Talisman) for about 3 years now. Prior to this role, she was a cementing engineer with Halliburton for about 9 years, having worked at various locations including India, China, Brunei and Malaysia. 

Suei has a passion for travelling and exploring the history of various countries. During her free time, she likes to draw, swim or simply relax and watch TV. She’s not sure yet how she will spend the prize money but will probably spend it on a shopping trip!

Well done, Suei! A fantastic achievement!


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