Stuart Waltho

After narrowly missing the 100% score in the P&P paper back in 2015 (by one question!), Stuart Waltho returns 2 years later to nab the cash prize and earn his spot in the ADS 100 Club!

Stuart graduated from University of Strathclyde with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and joined ADTI in 2009 through a graduate scheme. He worked offshore as rig crew and Wellsite Drilling Engineer on a variety of exploration and appraisal wells in the North Sea. He then worked as Well Operations Engineer onshore Thailand and North Sea on a variety of Development and Workover projects. He’s currently working as Offshore Well Engineer with Exceed Well Management on a major North Sea subsea decommissioning project. 

In his spare time, Stuart enjoys outdoor activities such as Golf, Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Running, Sailing, Skiing, Surfing, but during the winter months, he sticks to indoor sports of Badminton and Swimming. He also has a keen interest in cars, with his current Audi S4 avant carrying the necessary sports equipment wherever he needs to go in all varieties of Scottish weather.

He tells us that the cash prize has already spent on a nice new pair of waterproof walking boots (ones with tread and without holes in them like the ones they replaced). 

Happy hiking, Stuart! 


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