Stuart Greaney

Stuart is currently a Senior Drilling Engineer at Tullow Oil and he recently scored 100% in his Principles & Procedures paper. He graduated from Birmingham University with a masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2001, and after a brief venture into the world of Management Consultancy, he joined the Shell Well Engineering Graduate Scheme in 2005. He worked as an Offshore Drilling Engineer, Lifecycle Well Engineer, and a Night Company Man prior to leaving in 2012 to join Maersk Denmark as a Drilling Supervisor. He then joined Tullow in London in 2013 as a Senior Drilling Engineer, and he is presently working on one of Tullow’s South American projects.

Stuart has been married for 4 years, and is the proud father of 2 young children and 2 Labradors! He claims to be a keen participant and follower of any sport, but he has a particular passion for Harlequins Rugby and is a lifelong West Ham fan. He is presently training for the New York marathon in November and he has completed several running, and cycling events over the last couple of years.

He recently discovered a new role as swimming coach to his kids and hopes one day to take on the role of skiing coach too. Stuart and his wife are keen walkers, though he explains that “the arrival of kids has somewhat limited the pace we travel at these days” - which doesn’t sound like a bad thing to us!

The £250 reward will be going towards more goggles and floats for his swim coaching, plenty of plasters for the marathon and several post-marathon physiotherapy sessions no doubt! 

Good luck, Stuart!


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