Stan Stuart

Stan (pictured here in his ‘working togs’) started in the offshore industry in 1989 with MSR on the semi-submersible rig called the Aladdin. The rig was bought over by Lauritzen where he continued to work until 1992, working alongside two other 100 club members (Walter Allan & Steven Brown). From there he moved to Santa Fe which then became Global Santa Fe and then merged again to become Transocean. It was during this time that he progressed through the ranks to finally secure a position of Senior Toolpusher aboard the GSF Monarch in 2005. This is where he stayed until an opportunity to join ADTI as a Drilling Supervisor in 2011, a position he held until the company decided to cease trading in 2015. From there Stan has been contracted to Apache supervising their operations on the Rowan Gorilla 7, Ocean Patriot, and the Forties Bravo and Charlie Platforms.

Stan plays darts for a local team (though he admits that it is the social side of the sport that appeals to him). He lives in Elgin with his wife Karen and his two children Ryan (21) and Leah (17).

This is in fact the third consecutive time that Stan has achieved 100% in his P&P at ADS! In 2012 he donated his award to Moray Friends of Archie, a charity which supports sick children and their families throughout the North East of Scotland. This time it is going on a well-deserved big bottle of champagne to celebrate the hat-trick! 

‘Here’s to another crack at it in couple of years!’ - Stan


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