Roger Anderson

Roger joined Shell in 2008 as a Well Site Drilling Engineer working offshore on a variety of rigs and platforms. He then moved into the office for 3 years doing Brent P&A design work followed by design and operations for a drilling campaign on Nelson. He moved back offshore in 2013 to work as a Night Drilling Supervisor on the Ocean Guardian which he did for 18 months. Another move back into the office in 2015 as Operations Engineer lead to his most recent move a year later, back offshore as Drilling Supervisor on the Ocean Patriot!

Roger has been married for 2 years, with no kids but they have a dog that keeps them more than busy! He enjoys travelling and hopes to spend more time away now that he is back offshore. He also enjoys running and hopes to sign up to a few events in 2017.
He is in the process of looking for a new house and tells us the prize money will be kept aside for furniture when we finally find something.

Good luck with the house hunt, Roger, and congratulations again!


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