Richard I. Smith

Congratulations to Richard I. Smith of BP who joins the ADS 100 CLUB, reserved for drilling people who have achieved a perfect 100% score in the “Principles & Procedures” in the IWCF Well Control exam and earn a reward of £250 from Aberdeen Drilling School.

Richard is BP Clair Wells Team Leader.  He has been with BP for 25 years this year, mainly working in the drilling discipline in Aberdeen, with spells in London, Anchorage and Stavanger. 

The proud father of three children (the youngest, Juliet, is pictured), Richard enjoys cycling (commuting) and playing tennis, although he dislocated his knee cap on the Monday night of the well control course playing tennis, so won't be picking up a tennis racket for quite a few weeks now!  He reckons the £250 prize from ADS will likely be spent on physiotherapy and taxis!


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