Philippe Maheo

Philippe is currently OIM for Transocean on a semi-submersible in India. He started out in 1980 on a land rig in France as a Roughneck. In 1985 he progressed to Asst Driller and was transferred to West Africa offshore drilling operations for Cosifor-Techfor. He later went to Sedco-Forex and then Transocean where he spent 20 years between, Angola, Congo, Gabon, Cameron and Nigeria on Tenders, Semi-Subs and DP rigs – working his way up to an OIM position!

Philippe then transferred to Asia and Australia for a few years on different types of floating Rigs. Married with 4 Kids, his youngest daughter is only 6 years old and is “keeping him young”.  In his spare time he enjoys windsurfing, diving and gardening and he has delegated the spending of his £250 to his wife while he spends Christmas and New Year on the rig. 


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