Peter Mayo

Congratulations to another new addition to the ADS “100 CLUB”, Peter Mayo of BP, who has received £250 from ADS for a perfect 100% score on his IWCF Well Control “Principles & Procedures” paper. If that wasn’t enough, Peter actually scored a straight 100% across all three parts of the IWCF exam!

Peter is currently Drilling Superintendent with BP for the Magnus field.  Magnus has a challenging programme of extended reach drilling using conductor sharing wellheads drilled from four new slots.

He started in the industry in 1983 with Shell in Holland but soon moved to Aberdeen working on Shell's Dunlin platform and the Stadrill.  In 1988, he came onshore and worked in new field developments and later in support of the Brent south subsea development.  He left Shell in 1994 and worked as a consultant in support of North Sea and East Irish Sea projects.  In 2001, he joined BP supporting the West of Shetland drilling programmes.

Peter had thought he might find the IWCF examination difficult because he was just doing the refresher course, but he says “The past papers and guidance provided by Aberdeen Drilling School really helped”.  He reported “a great sense of achievement” to get 100% across all three tests.

His passion is for mountain biking “but only going downhill or over jumps”.  As for the £250 prize? Peter told ADS: “It would be nice to think that the prize money would go to some new flash components for the bike, but with four expensive kids to support, I think it will go their way in some form or other!”


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