Patrick McGrath

Patrick is currently employed as Staff Wells Engineer / Well Ops Supervisor with Shell UK.  He started in the oil & gas business twelve years ago as a Mud Logging Geologist and tells us that it was an exciting adventure for someone born and raised in the Midlands where there is very little exposure to the offshore energy industry!  In 2006, he moved to Aberdeen and started a new job, working for Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements as an M/LWD Engineer before then becoming a Directional Driller working on call across the North Sea.  Four years later, he took an assignment on rotation to Saudi Arabia, where he worked for Schlumberger Middle East as a Directional Driller on the land rigs in Manifah and in Shaybah (in the Empty Quarter!).  Then, hungry for new challenges, he moved back to Aberdeen 5 years ago to work for Shell as a Night Drilling Supervisor on platform and semi-submersible drilling rigs. Over that time, Patrick has been involved in some very exciting projects, both as a Wells Supervisor offshore and as a Well Engineer onshore.  Currently, he’s planning the first ever campaign of subsea wellhead recoveries for Shell UK, which will help to define Shell’s strategy for this type of work in the future.

When he’s not doing DIY jobs at home, Patrick likes to go hiking and trail cycling.  He also loves to travel and, as a certified technical tri-mix diver, he’s always eager to plan his next dive holiday! Exploring the World War 1 wrecks of Scapa Flow was a highlight for him in 2016.

Patrick is a generous guy and selflessly plans to put his cash prize towards a birthday present for a loved one! Nice once, Patrick, and congratulation again on your achievement! 


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