Mike Thorogood

Congratulations to Mike Thorogood of BP! He has now twice received £250 from ADS for a perfect 100% score on his IWCF Well Control “Principles & Procedures” paper. What makes Mike’s achievement even more notable is the fact that his extraordinary 2005 examination mark was achieved on his first ever attempt at the IWCF Well Control course and exam!

Mike is a Drilling Engineer with BP at Wytch Farm in Dorset, UK. His first experience of the oil industry was a holiday job working as a Roustabout. This proved decisive in motivating him to embark on a career in the industry. He joined BP after finishing his studies and has been working there as a Drilling engineer, both offshore and - currently - in the office.      As for the £250 ADS prize? Mike is not married and says that “living the single life” will allow him to spend the money on his car. A case of “Making hay while the sun shines”, we suspect...?!


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