Malcolm Hill

Malcolm Hill has been employed by BHP Billiton Petroleum for the past four years. He is currently involved in deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico adding to a variety of work locations including Vietnam, the Falkland Isles, Trinidad, Pakistan and Australia.

When he isn’t enjoying the challenges of a modern day oil industry Malcolm spends his time with his wife, four children and his first grandchild. He has a passion for modern day motorcycles, occasionally taking to the race track with his Ducati, and he isn’t afraid to brave the elements to trek the countryside with his dogs. Malcolm plans to spend his prize money on a family evening out to celebrate the result.  He will use this time to reflect on his earlier well control training days at ADS, where one of our instructors, Gene Wilson, inspired him to grasp the fundamentals of well control and make learning enjoyable for the first time.


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