Lindsay Allen

Lindsay is currently working as a senior toolpusher and recently scored a perfect score of 100% on his Principles and Procedures paper at Aberdeen Drilling School. He began his career offshore in 1989 working for Penrod in the North Sea. When Ensco took over Penrod he continued to work in the North Sea for a total of 23 years. He later decided to broaden his horizons and “go international” so he joined Transocean and has spent the past 4 years in West Africa. He had always planned to semi-retire at the age of 50, and so he has now left Transocean and started up his own company. He hopes to day-rate his services and enjoy more time at home.

Lindsay has been married for 25 years to his wonderful wife Donna. They have twins, Truly and Damian, who are now 15.
His wife spends a lot of time riding her horse and looking after the family needs, while Lindsay has a boat on the Norfolk Broads, which he plans to spend more time on with family and friends now that he is enjoying more free time. He hopes to take the boat up the Thames and pass the houses of parliament in the next couple of years. He’s a keen DIY enthusiast and does everything except plastering ceilings!

As for the £250 cash prize, Lindsay tells us that he will “find something shiny for the boat if the family don’t spend it first!” 

Best of luck to you, Lindsay, and congratulations again! 


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