​John White

John recently scored 100% in IWCF’s Principles & Procedures paper at our centre in Aberdeen! He is currently working as Team Lead (HPHT Design) with Shell. He's been working at Shell for over a decade in both offshore and onshore roles. He is married with 3 sons and lives in Alyth, Perthshire. In his free time, John enjoys sports such as football, tennis, and squash. 

We are told that the £250 cash prize will be spent on buckets, spades and inflatable toys for a beach holiday. For John’s sake, we here at Aberdeen Drilling School are hoping that there will be enough left over for a beachy cocktail with the obligatory paper umbrella in it! We think you’ve earned it, John!

Congratulations on the perfect P&P score! We hope to see you again soon.


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