Johan Kr Mikkelsen

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Johan Mikkelsen at a Drilling Conference in Stavanger. Johan earned his drilling well control certificate the winter of 1983/84 and received a hand written letter from ADS congratulating him on his performance, described as an "all time high”. At the time, Johan had been running refinery operations and was converting to the offshore life being seconded to Mobil North Sea  in Aberdeen from Norsk Hydro. He loved his time spent with the drilling school. Back in Norway in 1985, he became the Operation Managar for the huge Oseberg field. From 1992 to 2000 he was heading up the Norsk Hydro drilling  department. Later on he became the asset owner of Oseberg and Troll fields , Country manager to Canada and the Statoil Project Director and Production Director for the Peregrino field in Brasil. After 40 years with the company he recently retired and is now the Chief Technical Officier with the Norwegian holding company Perestroika. Johan tells us he is amazed at what drilling has achieved during his years in the industry and there seems to be an endless  list of new opportunities.

Johan and his wife Birte have been married for 38 years and have three children but lost their only son to cancer in 2001.  The couple and the two daughters all live in the bergen area in Norway. Johan enjoys running  a lot, but skiing , gardening and fishing are also high on the leisure time list.


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