Johan Jansen

Congratulations to another new addition to the ADS “100 CLUB”, Johan Jansen, who has received £250 from ADS for a perfect 100% score on his IWCF Well Control “Principles & Procedures” paper!

Johan has been working as a Drilling Supervisor for Shell for a number of years. He started off as an Assistant Driller in the northern North Sea in 1987, and since then has been lucky enough to travel to various parts of the globe. He has worked on land rigs in the desert of Oman, the “cloud forests” in Northern Argentina and the rice paddies of Thailand. These experiences alternated with offshore work in Denmark, Namibia, Brunei and Norway.

Over the last couple of years, Johan has had the pleasure of working on semisubs in the UK sector in the North Sea again - back to where he started! He is, however, quite happy to say that he will soon be leaving the high-tech world of the North Sea to go “back to basics” in Africa! Johan is looking forward to working in the rainforests of Gabon for the next few years - a new country to explore, not just in a professional sense but also meet its people, and enjoy its nature and wild life. According to Johan, these are the “true rewards” of working in countries that are off the beaten track. Wherever he has worked he has always taken the opportunity to travel the country – whether it be exploring the mountains and deserts of Oman, camping on the plains of Namibia, crossing the mountains of the Argentinian Andes, or driving from Oman to Holland


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