Jan Torgeir Vikenes

Jan is presently working as Toolpusher on Statfjord A/ Veslefrikk for Archer (Norway). He has been married to Randi for 32 years, has a son named Petter, and a daughter named Kristin. The family lives in Southern Norway and is never short of places to visit. With a house, a cabin in the mountains, a cabin in the country-side, a small boat, family and friends, time off work passes quickly.

Jan enjoys skiing in the winter and spends a lot of time rebuilding his cabin in the country-side. The coast in Southern Norway is fantastic for boating, and most of his summer is spent in the area. He is also known to spend a lot of time in his garage, fixing anything he can get his hands on. Like a true “handyman”, he plans to spend the £250 on something to add to his tool collection.

The photo is of Jan and his lovely lass in front of Lord Salvesens cabin in the Norwegian wilderness. The cabin was built around 100 years ago by men on foot, carrying building materials by horse, and in prams, and over lakes and rivers. Thanks for the great pic, Jan!


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