Jack Cronin

Jack has worked for Shell for almost 15 years now, starting offshore as a hands-on trainee and then working his way through the standard progression route to Drilling Supervisor.  He’s worked on a number of Shell’s key projects, covering abandonment work, subsea well interventions and most recently, HPHT development drilling. He has also spent some time working in the Aberdeen office as a Well Engineer, and has recently been successful in applying for a new role as a Well Engineering Trainer & Well Control Instructor in Oman, seconded from Shell to PDO. The 100% mark in P&P surpasses the required 90% for instructor qualifications, so it must be a good omen for the new role!

Jack is married to Claire, and they have one daughter, Connie. The three of them live on the Isle of Wight, which is where he and his wife both grew up (thought they didn’t know each other back then)! They both left the island to study and pursue careers and met each other years later. Jack pursued a career as a Well Engineer, and his wife is a Musical Theatre actress. They have since returned to the Isle of Wight and now live in a small village on the South Coast - about as far from the North Sea as possible! Their daughter is now five years old and shows a keen interest in both engineering and performing arts at the moment!

Jack and his family spend a lot of time outdoors on the Isle of Wight, walking their dog Rosie, and working in the garden. He enjoys making things, fixing things, and breaking things, and also likes to go fishing with his dad on their shared fishing boat when time and weather allows.

Very generously, Jack plans to donate the cash prize to a local theatre group that his wife works with! They run weekly workshops for adults with learning difficulties, putting on a show a few times a year for people to come and watch.

The adults enjoy the group immensely, and I thought that it would be nice for the money to go to a worthy cause.” We completely agree, Jack! What a fantastic and thoughtful gesture. 


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