Ian Ross

The latest member of the ADS “100” CLUB, and winner of £250 for a perfect score in the IWCF Principles & Procedures paper, is Ian Ross. Ian is based in Tehran, Iran, as Operations Manager for OMV Iran, a subsidiary of the Austrian energy company, OMV AG.

OMV Iran are presently drilling the first well in an oil exploration campaign onshore west Iran - between the city of Ahwaz and the Iraq border - using a Chinese drilling rig from Great Wall Drilling Company. Needless to say, the project has many aspects which are challenging and interesting!

Ian started in the oil industry in 1979 with the British National Oil Corporation (BNOC – subsequently Britoil), later worked as a consultant for companies such as Enterprise Oil, Carless Exploration, Clyde Petroleum, British Gas, and then spent many years working for Ultramar and later LASMO in the UK, the Netherlands, Libya, and Indonesia, before joining OMV.

Throughout his time in the oil industry, Ian has always done his regular Well Control exam at Aberdeen Drilling Schools. He enjoys his return visits to Aberdeen, taking the opportunity to see old friends and enjoy the hospitality of the city. Ian regards it as “an honour” to be able to join the ADS “100” club and be awarded the prize from Aberdeen Drilling Schools for his result in the Well Control exam. The money has been shared between donations to the recent BBC 2004 “Children In Need” appeal; a local Iranian charity helping the survivors of the Bam earthquake tragedy in eastern Iran; and a “moderate celebration” after the Friday well control exam!


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