Graham Boyce

Congratulations to Graham Boyce of Halliburton, who joins the ADS “100 CLUB”, having achieved a rare 100% on his IWCF Well Control “Principles & Procedures” paper and earning himself a £250 reward.

After completing a degree in Geology, Graham started in the oil industry in 1990 working as a Mudlogger based in the North Sea. He worked in a variety of positions before taking an MSc in Drilling Engineering at Robert Gordon University in 1998.

He is employed by Halliburton as a Technical Advisor for Underbalanced and Managed Pressure Drilling. He is currently working in India, responsible for Managed Pressure Drilling in a HPHT field in the Bay of Bengal and Underbalanced Drilling in a fractured carbonate field off the west coast of India.

Graham enjoys travel and in the last ten years has worked in many different countries including Australia, Algeria, Mexico and Thailand.

Married to Lynne with two sons, Josh and Dan, the Boyce family home is in North Yorkshire, between the Dales and the Moors. On days off work he enjoys DIY, working in the garden and walking with the family.

And what about the £250 reward from Aberdeen Drilling Schools? This will go on “a new bike for Josh and some outdoor toys for Dan”.


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