Gerardus Burger

G.H.M. (Gerardus) Burger is the latest addition to the ADS 100 CLUB, receiving a prize of £250 for a perfect 100% score on his IWCF Well Control Principles & Procedures exam. Father to three children - Nathalie (18), Meryl (18) and Richard (16) - Gerardus started in the oilfield in 1982 as a roughneck for Neddrill and joined Shell in 1997 as a DSV. He is currently working in Qatar drilling development wells for the Shell Pearl GTL project. He has mainly worked offshore on drillships, semi’s and jackups but also has desert experience (in Egypt and Oman). Highlights of a varied career in drilling include some special projects: he worked on the first UBD well for Shell Egypt, and the current wells in Qatar where they have the rig on a high airgap and perform SIMOPS on temporary work-platforms, cutting the well times in half. Gerardus's attitude in work is to continuously look for improvement, both in performance and safety. "I start to enjoy a new idea if others say it is not possible. Whenever I leave the industry I would like to say that I have contributed to some new ideas and improvements." Gerardus has generously opted to donate his £250 reward from ADS to the humaniarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontieres, in recognition of "the tremendous work they do under difficult circumstances".

Away from work, Gerardus enjoys hiking and plays acoustic guitar. At least once a week he and his family take a 20km hike through the Dutch forests. He takes weekly guitar lessons and plays all kinds of popular music (at the moment he's working on pieces by the Dutch guitarist Harry Sacksioni).

Gerardus has been a regular visitor to ADS for courses and exams since 1985.


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