Fraser Smith

Fraser is currently a Well Engineer working with the Subsea Design Team and the Drilling Efficiency & Optimisation Team. He started his career with Shell just under 3 years ago as a Wellsite Drilling Engineer when, apparently, he was “thrown onto a rig in the Central North Sea without much idea what was going on"!  Before moving to his current onshore position, Fraser gained offshore experience working on the Nelson and Brent Delta platforms which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Unmarried and without children, Fraser claims to be “footloose and free to travel and see the world with his girlfriend, Giulia". He enjoys playing football, mountain biking and windsurfing, although the latter he tells us is reserved for warm weather conditions far away from the cold North Sea. Having just bought a flat, Fraser is looking forward to using the £250 to help furnish his new place.

Welcome to the ADS 100 Club, Fraser, and thank you for the selfie!


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