Erik Boon

Congratulations go to Erik Boon who wins £250 from ADS for scoring 100% on the Principles & Procedures paper of the IWCF Well Control exam. Erik is now part of the exclusive ADS100 Club alongside his Noble George Sauvageau colleague Stephen Brown!

Erik started working for Neddrill in 1986, and is now currently OIM on the Noble George Sauvageau.

Outside of work Erik enjoys sports, working on his house, computers, and travel.

A married family man, with 3 daughters (one of whom attended high school in Grand Bay, Alabama), Erik used some of his prize money to buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate his achievement. As Erik was so confident of winning the prize he started spending it before he had won, by having lunch at a nearby Italian restaurant in Aberdeen (he says he only comes for the 3-day refresher so he doesn’t gain too much weight!). The rest, according to Erik, was used on “sponsorship”, i.e. the expensive business of having 3 daughters!


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