David Walker

David Walker has been working in the oil industry for the past 18 years, starting as a roustabout for Kenting Drilling Services on Wytch Farm Oilfield in Dorset. After progressing to Driller, he ventured overseas to spend some time in Africa, Bangladesh and the Middle East. Since being overseas, he has moved from Driller to Senior Toolpusher, working for various companies along the way.

David has just secured a position with a brand new company called Larchford Limited who have purchased a new cyber-based hydraulic land rig to begin a long term drilling contract onshore UK for Star Energy.

Aside from “spending too much time working”, David lives in Hampshire with “gorgeous girlfriend Hannah”, and spends his time doing motorcycle track-days and generally enjoying what free time is available to him.

David becomes the latest recruit to the ADS 100 CLUB, membership of which is reserved exclusively for IWCF Well Control candidates who score a perfect 100% on the Principles & Procedures paper of the Well Control exam and earn a personal cheque for £250.


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