Dave McCarroll

Dave McCarroll joins ADS’s excusive “100 CLUB”, having achieved the maximum score in the Principles & Procedures paper of the IWCF Well Control exam. Currently working for Ensco as Toolpusher in the central North Sea, Dave started offshore with Penrod drilling. His drilling career has spanned 20 years offshore working on jack-ups in the southern and central North Sea, Irish Sea, Holland and Denmark.

Career highlights have included working overseas in Singapore shipyard then Malaysia (with local crews) and southern Australia. Home for Dave is Liverpool with wife Nicola and their three children  Jamie (17), Jessica (13) and baby Charlie (3). Dave lists as one of his interests watching his football team, Everton. He is also a DIY enthusiast and spends as much time with the family as work will allow. His idea of a good day out is visiting his favourite places in north Wales.  As for the £250 prize from ADS, Dave is “sure the wife and kids will decide what to spend it on, and will probably get their way!”


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